Kristine Kathryn Rusch - Contracts and Dealbreakers

Publishing, Rights, Marketing and Agents pitfalls

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    A list of blogposts which might give authors a bit to think about:

    From Kristine's website: In 2013, I published a book called Dealbreakers. It is now woefully out of date, so I started a new series which I have since compiled into another book. That book will appear in November of 2016.

    As I always do, I wrote the book out of order and in public. I’m leaving the blog posts up, in the order in which I wrote them (not the order that you’ll find in the book). When you read them, please read the comments as well, because readers added great points.

    Introductory Remarks

    Contract Basics

    Fair, Compromise, Clout, and Balls

    Know Your Rights

    Prince, Estates, and the Future

    Agents and Estates

    Long-term Thinking: The Option Clause

    Long-term Thinking: The Non-Compete Clause

    The Grant of Rights Clause

    Sneaky Money Grabs

    An Important Notice on The Non-Compete Clause

    Thugs, Lawyers, and Writers

    Long-term Thinking: The Contract Termination Clause

    Long-term Thinking: Rights Reversion

    Discount Abuse

    Other Evil Clauses

    Protecting Your Content and Your Name

    My Agent Will Negotiate

    The Agent Clause

    Agent Agreements

    How To Hire An Attorney

    A Real Book Contract


Recent Reviews

  1. Catrin Lewis
    Catrin Lewis
    Whether you hope to be published traditionally or intend to go indie with your books, these blog posts will enlighten you to the realities of the contractual side of the publishing business. Properly applied, Rusch's advice will keep you from signing anything not to your advantage (non-compete clauses, anyone???}. If you want to get the greatest benefit from your relationship with your agent, traditional publisher, or POD press, you'll gain immensely from reading this series all the way through.
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