Medieval Demographics - How many people means what? 2018-11-08

A quick 6 page PDF about demographics in [fantasy] worlds.

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  1. Necronox
    A short, 6 page document about the demographics within medieval period. Specifically, it provides a quick overview as to what is a town, how it is composed and of what. In addition, it provides some nice and easy jobs for medieval settings.

    Only relevant within medieval or equivalent settings.

    This is not my work, so all rights go the the original creator, John Ross, and rights holder. As per their conditions, this has be redistributed here in no breach of their terms.

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  1. John Calligan
    John Calligan
    Version: 2018-11-08
    I haven't seen this in years, but I used to use it when I played Dungeons and Dragons. It's an interesting bit that helped me visualize how people settle areas based on farmland, water, and materials.