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  1. J.T. Woody
    (Source: Publishers Weekly)

    Publishers Weekly (PW) highlights dozens of new imprints and publishers revamping their imprints in the March 2021 issue (yes, I know its May... the magazine subscription is shared and its now my turn to look at the magazine).

    These are some of the ones listed:

    [​IMG] Wise Wolf Books (new imprint of WolfPack Publishing est in 2013) to focus on Teen and YA fiction. "We are as much an interneting company as we are a publishing company" says the president and CEO Mike Bray to PW.
    They are accepting submissions

    upload_2021-5-5_15-56-28.png Köehler Books Publishing is focusing their efforts on providing a platform for Latino authors (books written in both English and Spanish). PW writes "there appears to be a lack of quality publishing options for new Latino authors. It's difficult to get a traditional deal, and many authors would prefer to avoid self-publishing"

    [​IMG]Skyhorse Publishing creates a new imprint, Palomino Press. "the imprint, which will publish print editions, e-books, and audiobooks, kicks off in September 2021." This new imprint of Skyhorse wants to focus on historical and contemporary romance.

    upload_2021-5-5_16-0-57.png Aconyte Books appeals to pop-culture: "Fan-fiction devotees, take note! there's a new publisher in town that takes favorite characters from the sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming genres - including the Marvel Universe- and expands their adventures through a series pf boundary-pushing, professionally produced novels" -PW
    This publisher launched late summer of 2020
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