Just another Blog, a place to share my inspirations, my writing etc. . .

  1. losthawken
    This is Not-Dot, and its just another Blog. A place to share my writing, the things that interest me, my Life.

    I’m a Christian, Husband, Father of two (not including the dog), graduate student in molecular biology, and all around nerd. Creative writing is my outlet and this is my place to share it. I thrive on feedback and constructive criticism, in fact I need it to keep motivated. So, if you like what you read and see, please comment, like, rate or whatever!

    You will also find a lot of wallpapers I’ve collected, and a few that I’ve made myself. I also post interesting links, usually about science and nature. I plan also to start summarizing cutting edge research publications into lay terms as writing practice.

    I also maintain a second Blog that is set up as more of a portfolio of my writing. If you like fiction, particularly science fiction, fantasy and steampunk, you can find it at This blog will continue to showcase my more recent and rough writing, as well as art, and of course catalog the daily inspirations I come across on the interwebs.

    You can also find me on twitter; @losthawken

    Hang around and see what you think, maybe we have something in common.
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