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Renegade: Retaliation 1.0

28th Century War Saga

  1. Cave Troll
    Member's Book Title::
    Renegade: Retaliation
    Publish Date:
    CoverArtRenegadeRetaliationA1.jpg This is a gritty and grim Sci-fi novel involving war in the 28th century. Following 3 main protagonists: Marckus Syrilious, B. Graxis, and the Mother Confessor.

    It details the harsh realities of futuristic war, and the effects it has on them both physically and psychologically. And on occasion military style humor.
    Depicts various Alien Races, and exotic culture. Massive Military ships and discouraging maze like outposts on different planets/moons with in the solar system. Odd alliances, and politics conducted at the point of a sword and muzzle of a gun.

    It is graphic, violent, and unforgiving.