Show, Don't Tell: The Simple Guide for Writers

Show, Don't Tell

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  1. EFMingo
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rad Scribbler
    Rad Scribbler
    Great resource, thanks for sharing
  2. ohmiyoni
    Amazing. Succinct and well to the point. Helped establish the difference between something I struggle with on the daily. I think I'll be referencing this often.
  3. Chuck_Lowcountry
    Two months before tackling my first novel, I was hung up on showing versus telling. This resource was one of the first I read that pointed me in the correct direction. Examples are provided. There are times when telling is prudent and this resource explains that very well.
  4. Steve Rivers
    Steve Rivers
    Very clear and understandable for those needing the information.
  5. Tilly Mint
    Tilly Mint
    This helped support my writing. I liked the fact it was clear with great examples.
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