SmartEdit Writer 8.6

Free writing software with built-in editor and notes all in one place

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  1. SNJade96
    SmartEdit Writer is a desktop app that offers a single place to keep all your notes, from text notes to images to outside links and other types of files. It has a built-in editor with many different checks, such as spelling, word repetition, and sentence length. Though these are fairly common, it also has a find and replace function, daily word tracker, and folders that can be nested without limit.

    I think it's only available for Windows, but it could be available for other systems elsewhere.

    The main draw for this one is being able to store everything in one application, and how easy it is to organize.

Recent Reviews

  1. Glen Barrington
    Glen Barrington
    Version: 8.6
    It's an excellent FREE product that has Smart-Edit built in. It used to be called "Atomic Scribbler", a name I personally thought was a better, way better name. It is available for Windows Only, and is comparable to Scrivener.

    It's predecessor, 'Page Four' preceded Scrivener.

    highly recommended if you don't need cross platform compatibility.
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