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  1. Simpson17866

    It's like if TVTropes were aimed specifically at writers: I've lost countless hours of my life WikiWalking from

    Basic Tips To Write Better & More Despicable Villains
    What Romantic Chemistry Looks Like
    Tips to Create Better & More Believable Fantasy & Science Fiction Species
    7 Offensive Mistakes Well-Intentioned Writers Make
    So You Wanna Mix Science And Magic?
    Basic Tips To Write Better (And More Likeable) Badasses
    Common Plotholes in Vampire Fiction


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  1. Lifeline
    Some of the tips are hilarious, and really educational. I never considered i.e. that one of my characters might be interested in hedgehogs (or insert other cute animal/strange hobby). May do that now :)
    1. Simpson17866
      Author's Response
      I have absolutely no idea what article you got "hedgehogs" from, but this is absolutely the kind of site that makes me believe you!
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