The Hunt 2017-05-28

Jasper Vandis is on the hunt for the most wanted Fae in D.C...but what if he's not the real enemy?

  1. Stormsong07
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    The Hunt
    Jennifer L. Taylor
    Publish Date:
    One hundred years ago, our world was shocked by the revelation that faeries are real. And a group of them live and work in Washington, D.C.
    Jasper Vandis is a Fire Fae (short for Faerie) who works for the Fianna, the law enforcement department of the Faerie Court. He is a Hunter, in charge of finding rogue faeries and bringing them to justice. And he has just been tasked with finding the most elusive rogue of all -- Aeryn Rivahn, the Shadow Fae accused of assassinating the king's brother. Aeryn has been on the run for over a year, eluding the Hunt on his tail with alarming ease. But as Jasper takes on the case, he soon discovers that there is far more to it that what meets the eye.
    Kindle Direct Publishing


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