The poison fish 2017-08-12

Extract from Ken Macrorie elling writing, originally posted by Jack Asher

  1. Jack Asher
    "The Poisoned Fish” One day a college student stopped a professor in the hall and said, "I have this terrible instructor who says I can't write. Therefore, I shouldn't teach English. He really grinds me. In another class I've been reading James Joyce, so I wrote this little comment on the instructor in Joyce's style. Do you think I should submit it to The Review?" The professor looked at the lines she had written about her instructor: ... the stridents in his glass lisdyke him immersely. Day each that we tumble into the glass he sez to mee, "Eets too badly that you someday fright preach Engfish." and he knew the girl had found a name for the phony, pretentious language of the schools--Engfish."

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