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Thrill Writing - All you ever want to know about how things work. Research oriented.

description of how things work in crime

  1. Lifeline
    Hi there,

    just stumbled over this website. It has the how-to-101 and what-goes-on-101, and of course there is also the is-this-really-possible-101.

    I especially liked the article 'A can of coke as a survival tool'. The things one learns when being on the binge or research... So there.


    Have a go!

Recent Reviews

  1. BruceA
    Really useful information, and details of how to contact professionals to get specific info for your book or to your work reviewed by people who know what they are talking about! Thanks for this, have bookmarked this blog :)
  2. Simpson17866
    I have about a dozen tabs open to this site right now there is so much good information to go through.