Ties That Bind 2017-10-08

A love story told from two sides.

  1. cutecat22
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    Ties That Bind
    Elaine R Chissick
    Alexandra Dinapoli has everything she could ever wish for, except what she really wants. Leaving her family behind, she heads for New York City and starts on a journey to make her own way in the word. Whilst there, she bumps into Gabriel Harland, an enigmatic Chief Assistant District Attorney with whom she begins a love affair that is cruelly cut short when someone from her past surfaces in Gabriel's life. Will their relationship be worth fighting for or will the truth tear them apart? Join Alexandra on her journey as she discovers the tenderness of new love, the sorrow of losing someone close, the pulse racing suspense of running from the past, the anger of not being in control and the admission that some sacrifices have to be made for the sake of others. Ties That Bind is a story of love and life, light and shade, a story told from both sides.
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