We Are All Z 2020-06-29

"The scariest part of We Are All Z is that it may be a prophecy.” - Tony Verdi

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    We Are All Z
    Shaun Zizi
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    There are a few things I learned from a zombie outbreak.

    First, people love their social media and willing to risk everything to post something.

    Zombie bites hurt.

    I’m not sure if we should give up our rights to government agencies because they say they want to help us without proof. I mean, listen to them if their instructions are keeping you out of harm’s way, but don’t expect them to tell you the truth or always have your best interest in mind.

    I’m not entirely sure if the news are willing to tell us the whole truth. Maybe they go along with what they’re told? I don’t know. I think we should always think for ourselves and do what will keep us the safest from anything harmful, really.

    You could find love even in a zombie apocalypse. I don’t know how that happened!

    Oh, and if your brother tells you that the government agencies won’t notice you zombie hunting, because it’s a “zombie apocalypse,” he probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Your brother might be a closeted manic, but that’s okay.

    Zombie rights protesters exist. You can’t make this up!

    Even if people you don’t like are zombies, it still totally sucks to kill them.

    Blood, yours or someone else’s stains clothes and is hard to get out.

    Take care when cleaning your cat’s litter box!

    Finally, don’t lie to your mom. She’ll find out everything no matter what.

    "The scariest part of We Are All Z is that it may be a prophecy.”


    "We Are All Z does not tip toe around painting the picture of modern society."

    - Tony Verdi, composer of Broken Iris and author


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