What sort of editing do you need? 2018-05-16

Three different levels of editing defined and explained

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  1. jannert
    Eleanor is somebody I know well, and she gave me permission to share her blog. She has commercial experience in many different forms of editing, as well as having also worked for a publishing house as a reader. Her blog discusses the different levels of manuscript editing available for hire, and helps you choose which (or how many) would suit your needs.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sher Duncan
    Sher Duncan
    Version: 2018-05-16
    I found Eleanor's blog to be really concise and informative! I've actually messaged her with a few questions myself. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Malisky
    Version: 2018-05-16
    Very explanatory and steering information upon the types and stages of editing, a writer needs to know before hiring an editor.
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