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LGBTQ youth of colour are the subject of social discourse around a variety of issues that surround specific marginalized adolescents within the LGBTQ community. There are many broad social issues that are related to LGBTQ-orientated youth and also to LGBTQ-orientated youth of colour such as: homelessness, cyberbullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, suicide, drug addiction, street violence, immigration surveillance, engagement in high risk sexual activities, self harm, and depression. There is discourse regarding the rights of LGBTQ youth of colour, and that they are not being addressed in discussions of sexuality and race in the larger context of LGBTQ rights.
There are issues that specifically pertain and address LGBTQ youth of colour, mainly stemming from the study of intersectionality. LGBTQ youth of colour can experience multifaceted types of discrimination such as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, heterosexism, white supremacy, poverty among other social issues, sometimes happening all at once. These intersections highlight problems of concern for marginalized individuals within an already marginalized community, such as cultural competency, the School to Prison Pipeline (STPP), and school push-outs.
Mobilization of LGBTQ youth of colour activities aimed to provide safe spaces and support generally take place in: libraries, schools, non-for-profit agencies and designated community spaces. The spaces outreaching to LGBTQ youth of colour provide support and education through providing practical pro-sex sexual education, mental health support, empowerment and positive role models. Many spaces such as these require state grant funding under the umbrella of HIV/AIDS prevention.

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