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    101 things a sonic screwdriver can do

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by MsScribble, Sep 12, 2013.


    Please help me complete this list; its very important.

    Well its not, but I give myself half an hour internet/coffee time every morning before writing and this seems as good a use of my time as any.

    101 Things You Can Do With A Sonic Screwdriver:

    Untie rope
    Unlock a Pandorica
    Disarm another person's sonic screwdriver
    Perform medical diagnosis
    Locate swarms of Vashin Nerada (yes, I had to google that to check the spelling!)
    Re-attach barb wire
    Unlock doors/locks/padlocks
    Disarm security codes
    Make star whales throw up
    Boost a space suit's density
    Take down robot santas by overloading their sensors
    Locking prisoner zero in his room
    Destroying/repairing elevators
    Scanning hospital records
    Completing final system requirements for dodgy-looking rockets headed for Utopia
    Changing telly and radio channels
    Remote control Tardis's (Tardi?)
    Use in conjunction with a pipe organ to destroy Richard Lazarus
    Uncorking champagne bottles
    Get it bitten in half by sky sharks
    Sealing trapdoors on pits containing carnivorous skulls
    Melting the ice governess
    Parting the flesh shell of that scientist who turned out to be a robot bomb - the one with Winston Churchill and the daleks
    Which reminds me of one of my favourite dr who moments:

    'Good lord man, haven't you heard of downloads?'
    ' . . . said Winston Churchill.'

    That's all I can remember for now.
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    Ralph's side of the island.
    Um, screw and unscrew screws? :p

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