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    3 seas literary agency

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by funkybassmannick, May 11, 2011.

    Hey all,

    A month ago I went to a writer's conference in Madison, WI and met with Michelle Grajkowski in a one-on-one book pitch session. She loved my premise and wanted my first 50 pages or so. So, I sent the first 60 to her (it leaves on a delicious cliffhanger, couldn't resist).

    I haven't heard back from her, because of course 1 month is nothing in agent time. The thing is, I read a thread on another forum about a long list of people who sent in their work and didn't hear back for 6 months to even a year, and then what they heard was a form rejection. I've read that 3-4 months is kind of a normal time to wait.

    I have two questions.
    1) does anyone have any experience with 3 Seas? Any insider knowledge? I'm especially worried that if she DOES take up my book, that she'll be this long in response with future books.
    2) how can an agent take an entire year to respond to a query? What goes on behind the scenes that they are always a year behind?
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    what goes on is receiving piles and piles of mss on a daily basis and having to have someone go through them all, to find that one in a million that may be marketable...

    depending on the size of the agency and number of low-level minions assigned to the 'first-look' task, and how many subsequent levels the ms must make it past, this can take up to a year in some cases...

    as for future submissions, if you're already a client whose book has sold well, the submission will go straight to your agent, or at least to the uppermost level of 'readers' and not take anywhere near that long...

    go here and read up on the basic 'how an agent works' info: http://www.invirtuo.cc/prededitors/pubagent.htm

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