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    A Brief Moment In The Life of Angus Bethune by Chris Crutcher

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Elgaisma, Aug 25, 2010.

    It is a short story does anyone know it? I am concerned someone has said because the character is called Angus, is big and has a bit of an attitude problem, my character is too similar and its quite an iconic work. Now none of my readers from the US in right age group have mentioned it, its a short story mine is a 50,000 word about novel and its in a different genre. Plus being from Scotland its kind of like me using John. Have to confess had never heard of Chris Crutcher and his books don't like the sort of thing I would read or write lol

    Our local library don't have it and I'd rather not spend money on it if I don't have too. Anyone read it and can give me a basic on what the story is about and what the character is like? Have found some reviews but because it is a short story in a book of other stories they aren't specific enough what I have read I don't think I need to worry

    I'm having difficulty imagining the story being even close just the character being a little similar.

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