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    A collective writer's notebook

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Thetalpha, Dec 20, 2009.


    Many of you will probably lead writer's notebooks to gather ideas and make notes on interesting stuff that might come in handy in current or future projects.

    Now I had the idea of making these notes in this thread, or transferring them here from your notebook. That way, everyone can profit from findings you make and you can easily find them again via the search tool instead of having to flip through pages.

    So I'll just make a start, also in case some of you don't really know what I mean.


    Cheap analogue cameras are ideal carriers of messages, either on paper or flash drives, which can both be placed into the inside or the battery compartment of the camera. Might be interesting for a spy story.

    Baronets, contrarily to Barons, don't sit in the House of Lords in the UK, but may instead run for an election to the House of Commons - interesting for stories revolving around British nobility.

    Germany doesn't really have a constitution - only the Grundgesetz. Also, the GDR (East Germany) still exists on an island in Cuba that was given to the East Germans by Fidel Castro. It displays the East German flag and a statue of Karl Marx. Might come in handy in a political story.

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