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    A formal hello and a sympathetic hi

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by MathiEurope, Jul 31, 2015.

    Well, I'm glad there is a place to meet you creative people out there. I've just read the rules and some FAQ. Since I'm German (21 years old), it's not too easy to understand everything at ease or express myself properly. I try my best.

    What am I doing here? Well, since July 2013, I work on a series of manuscripts. No, I don't intend to find a publisher and become a great writer. My writing skills are way too poor, but if you asked me why anyone should read it, I'd say the setting is somewhat original, though I think there is a few fictional works on that. It also has a kind of plot where you learn about characters who are dominant in their own ways and you really wish they would meet each other or don't even expect it to happen when it does. Medievalpunk, a world in cross of medieval and industrial age.
    I'm also thinking about translating the manuscripts into English since the English-speaking community is by far a bigger one.

    I hope this little information won't harm the general rules on advertising.

    Anyway, I still hope to find more FAQ on self-publishing fiction for no profit (E-Book maybe?).

    You could also very well adapt the world into a role-playing game since the world is vast and consistent for new characters. Furthermore, I'd like to read of other people's works (rather interested in bigger fictional works than just short stories) or get to know people just to have good conversations on all kinds of things.

    Edit: I'm up for new Rpg's. So if you still need someone then let me know.

    Thanks for reading


    So Long
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    Hearts in China, Heads in the UK
    Whether you are a good writer or not, a native English speaker or not... Welcome to the forum:superhello:

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