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    A little writers block; Amazing story idea, but no way to put it to words.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by EarthShatter, Nov 13, 2008.

    Ok; So, I thought this up, in sort of a dream like sleep, when I was reading Exultant by Stephen Baxter who is an Amazing author; Go buy one of his books now, if you want to read, and don't have a book. but back on topic. This idea rotates around the central Theme that Super heroes are no Longer "Evolved"
    But have found some sort of an item that gives them this amazing power. Orb is a general term, and will most definitively be changed. I need ideas to start this story, and a couple more terms, with very Sci-fi names.

    Astherops (Ass-Thur-Ops)- A simple machine that seemingly pops out of nowhere. Pumping water out of the ground, these things have a secret agenda. Looks as if Liquid black slime is just jumping out of the ground, and forming an Oil well.

    The Theatre- The great base of the Fallen, As they are referred by the news. It's an Asteroid, that has it's own atmosphere. Unknown power source, that keeps the place floating.

    The Fallen- Disgraced by the news, and pushed down by just about everything, are the Vigilante heroes. Working for the greater good, but always there actions are mistaken for bad.

    The Fosetta Stone (need to come up with a better idea >.<)- The other half of the Rosetta stone. Found in the theatre, only people who are implanted with orbs are able to see/use this.

    Orbs-a component that grants the following abilities. Always found, in three. There are 15 total Abilities.

    Earthshatter( my name sake :) )-Able to push your self off of the earth, and fly. Can also; Push, or pull Objects.

    Brainfreeze- The Ability to break a mind, in the sense of making them retarded. Currently Fallen controlled.

    Firestarter- simple; Starts fires. Currently unknown where these orb is located.

    Anti-Matter- Break down the molecules of any object. Currently, Two orbs are possessed.

    Sunmarker- Being able to create anything, out of pure light. all orbs have known possessors

    Thanks :)

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    I don't see a question here. But I also don't see a storyline, nor a plot. All I see is some characters (sort of - more like a bestiary) and the barest bones of what: a barrier? a goal?

    A storyline consists of a sequence of events - missing.
    A plot consists of actors, actions, goals or incentives, and barriers of conflicts - all missing except for actors.

    You need to develop this a lot more to even begin thinking of it as a story.

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