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    A magic wand ideas!!

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Cacian, Dec 7, 2011.

    I have this story in mind with a character finding a magic wand.
    He does not discover it is magic until after one night he gets home very cross/upset because he fell out with his best friend.
    He goes back home and he picks up the wand as it fell off the wall it was hanging from.
    As he shakes it about to get the dust off he notices it changes colours then suddenly it starts talking to him about what he wished for.

    This a story line for teenagers/mid 30s.

    first question:
    should the voice be a feminin/masculin/or both?
    what wishes do I give my character to ask for?
    the magic only talks when my character is upset.
    My character does not know that.
    the wand won't tell him that either.
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    Sounds interesting!

    as far as the first question is concerned... i think it would really be great if you would make whispers. Or even switching between genders...

    A few words in whisper male, then in mid sentence change to male. Example:

    FEMALE: I know..... (some shadow creepy sounds for a second)
    MALE: Your wishes....

    You can actually focus on them. Depending on the emotions and the wishes. As far as wishes are concerned i think you need to interduce the story a bit further, into the boys life. For example have the wand saying how it knows everything he wants, for example how he likes a girl.

    When the subject lands on the love/romantic emotion, the voice would switch to romantic version. This is terribly complicated for a written work of art, but i think you get what i'm trying to say.

    To prove the boy that the wand speaks only when he is pissed of or something, make the wand talk to him at exactly those times.
    Have him talk with his friend again, and as soon as they get in a fight again, he can start hearing voices. When he calms down they go away etc.

    You can also mention him wanting to speak to the wand. He speaks calmly, it stays silent. Increase the levels of communication. If he gets a bit angry when he sees the wand is silent, then he should he a slight sound. Should he get happy because of it, the sound goes away. ETC.

    Hope this helped!

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