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    A New Challenger Approaches!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by LX_Theo, Oct 29, 2011.

    Hehe, sorry. I couldn't think of a good title, so I went with something not so related but sounding good. :p

    Well then, where were we? Hello, I'm LX_Theo, or also known as Alex. I'm a Senior in High School and have often seen writing as a hobby I use for my creative expression. I also have dabbled regularly in music composition and digital graphics. For example, I made a few simple songs (via Anvil Studios) for a 9/11 remembrance project and I'm am designing some of my AP classes' T-Shirts.

    As for writing, I'm not looking to do it professionally like some here, but I enjoy it and want to better my creativity through it. I think I'm a good, or at least decent writer. Though, I'm not one to examine my own work well, so I'd take my opinion as a grain of salt (on my own work, I'm an regular critic of many things not my own).

    - Alex
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