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    Do call me Rose, I'm pretty active around internet with many alias, one in Hexrpg, fanfiction.net, and off site which allow fan fiction. I'm not really nerd in writing, I have so much fun and experience trial and error along the way, personally finding fiction writing isn't easy to write but enjoyable and worth learning. I mean every word! :D So whenever I do complete a chapter, I'll end up having a chapter look like a rough draft, grammar is not my best but can be spotted with few mistakes. And got me infruriating myself, so it's not from readers and I will never stay angry with them. :p It's just that I give impression I can bite, well I don't really I admit I'm a bit close-minded, but like good concrit reviews. :)
    If I have any bad experiences that will be complain over readability, I can't stand which is vivid bright colours make me want to squint and it's weird enough to think I didn't wear glasses when I did, that was when I freak out. I don't mind the colours, it's just I choose not to go for small operation which can fix glaze eyesight. I can see, I don't enjoy my eyes being antagonized to think of weirdness.
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    Hi Rose,
    Welcome to the Group!

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