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    A political prisoner sentenced for treason..

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Alex R. Encomienda, May 27, 2016.

    Well, in my fantasy WIP there is a colonel in Spain (coronel) who is responsible for an operation called S150 which means anyone living in the vicinity of a cult (major threat in the story) must be imprisoned or killed.

    My problem is wondering if this colonel could be labeled a political prisoner once he is sentenced to two years in military prison. What do you think?

    Also, I should add that he has a secret "chamber" where he keeps cult members and the higher generals don't know this. He later is released from prison and is joined with the cult to rebel against the military (for a more fantasy reason)

    And if he is a PP, is his crime considered treason? Do you writers/readers in here think of this arc?
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    Yes he is committing treason, but to what degree? Has he killed his fellow soldiers while helping the cult rebels? If yes then that is a direct attack on the "law of the land" per se, and is a punishable offense that carries the sentence of death. Most European countries at that time period did not do nice things to traitors to the crown, regardless of where they are from.
    This should give you some idea of what would happen to traitors in Spain during roughly the time period you seem to be writing in. I don't think you need one on the Inquisition, as that seems to be unrelated.


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