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    A Set of Compound Works

    Discussion in 'Novels' started by pensmightierthanthesword, Mar 5, 2017.

    I don't know what it's called but I refer to it by its suffix, a -logy or a set of compound works. From how the internet describes it it can be one singular story spanning over several novels or separate individual stories, but I like the first part of the definition when describing a series of books that has one core plot spanning over several consecutive novels.

    Compound Sets:

    1.) Standalone
    2.) Duology
    3.) Trilogy
    4.) Tetralogy or Quadrilogy (if you're Ridley Scott)
    5.) Pentalogy
    6.) Hexalogy
    7.) Heptalogy
    8.) Octalogy
    9.) Ennealogy
    10.) Decalogy
    10+.) Polylogy (but I also read that this can be used to describe a set of two or more works, so this is more of an umbrella term)

    If any of this is wrong feel free to correct me.
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    You already said it. This is literally a description of what a series is.
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    Piers Anthony would disagree a bit. 27 books is a Trilogy (of course it works when your MC's magical power
    is that magic doesn't affect him.) :p

    Anywho, how many past Trilogy, don't simply fall off the continuity/plot train?
    Also isn't anything longer than a Trilogy a series?
    And are not Series written by people who don't know how to end a story?
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    After trilogy, I cannot see myself using any word other than just series.

    Frank Herbert's universe of Dune is a series of six books. The latter books published by Frank's son, Bryan, are abomination fit only for the ministrations of a gom jabbar.
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