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    A Story of Memory

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by thatkidbk, Jul 13, 2012.


    I'm new here, but I'm familiar with how forums work. Any who, I make a lot of stories and have decided to do a new one entitled The Memory Game. So, the main character, a girl (whose name I still haven't decided on) is in a car with her two older sisters. The girl is about 15-16 and her sisters are 19 and 22. They're arguing when getting in a fatal car crash. One sister dies, but the other is only partially injured. However, the main character hits her head many times throughout the crash and suffers brain damage/amnesia. Throughout the story, she's used and malipuated because of her lack of memory. Constantly, she'll wake up and forget everything, but as the story progresses, her memory gets better until she remembers more and more. I'm just trying to brain storm a couple of ideas such as:

    -Why/For what the sisters were arguing for
    -The type of car crash
    -Things that happen (How people use her, events that happen, etc)
    -Any other ideas.

    Any ideas would help. I have many ideas in mind, but many times, other's ideas help me kick off and keep going.~ Thanks.
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    It's your story. You should come up with it.

    The items you want to "brainstorm: are hardly minor details. They are central to the story..

    Exercise your own imagination, and trust it.

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