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    A Tentative "Hi"

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by FrodoKreuger, Aug 12, 2014.

    I'm new to the forum (obviously) and trying to find inspiration to get back into writing. I like how busy the forum seems compared to another I looked at that had about one update a day on the entire site. My preferred genres are fantasy, horror and erotica (and yes I know that is restricted to one specific forum). I am looking to write more around the fantasy and/or horror genres now, though I may stray back to erotica at some point.

    Actually, that raised a question for me that I don't think the rules and FAQ answered (unless I'm too tired to have seen it). Erotic work is rightly contained solely in the erotica forum and there is a stated requirement that additional scenes to an ongoing story be appended to the thread in which it was started; what then do you do with a sex scene in a mainstream genre story. It's not at all unknown for fantasy, and particularly horror, to contain one or more sex scenes while 90% of the work is nonsexual. What are the rules covering such a scene?

    Ok, back to the introduction (rather than introducing myself as a troublesome questioner). I'm 46, living in the UK and currently lacking inspiration for writing. I'll probably spend my first couple of weeks looking at prompts, role plays, fun word games, etc. of course, I'll also provide at least the two critiques necessary if not more. Hopefully through this process some mote of an idea will generate a more meaningful work. Not sure what else to say right now, but if you have any questions let me know. My basic rule there is you get to ask anything, I have the right to decline to answer. It's a right I seldom need to use.
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    Welcome to the forum, Frodo Kreuger. :) Glad to hear you checked the rules already! I also like your user name.

    So you are thinking about posting a work for critique at some point? That's great. It is typical to post just an excerpt here, for example the beginning, or some important scene. If you were to start a thread where you ask critique for the beginning of your fantasy MS, but you would also like to get feedback on a graphic sex scene at some point, the latter you would have to post to the erotica section. Other stuff you can append to the "regular" workshop post, although it's polite to inform the readers in the title if there's language or graphic violence in the excerpt.

    If you have a scene for which you want critique to both, e.g. the dialogue and the following/preceding sex scene, you can post it to the erotica section. You can also mention in the mainstream thread to your critters that if they wish, they can check out the sex scene between Bob and Betty in the erotica section and give feedback on that too.

    Good plan, I hope you'll enjoy exploring our site. :) Make sure to check out the contests as well; it's a fun way to get some extra motivation.

    See you around!

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