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    Aberystwyth, Mon Amour - Malcolm Pryce

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Gannon, Sep 21, 2007.

    A spoof of sorts of 40s noir detective fiction set in modern (ish) day Aberystwyth, Wales. This sleepy community is experiencing some strange goings on not least the disappearance of some of her schoolboys, some of whom are turning up murdered.

    In steps the local PI to sort it all out and he's up against it, what with the local Druid militia and Chief Constable. He makes some bewildering acquaintances along the way: the local go-go girls, his would-be side kick Jane (a teenage schoolgirl) and vagrant veteran.

    This should be ludicrous but somehow Pryce pulls it all together to a coherent and compelling read. His genre is is set up to spoof, but done so out of respect and love. His characters are memorable and vivid. Aberystwyth is a comedy in itself (apologies residents thereof) and makes for a great and intriguing backdrop. Strange but addictive.

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