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    Amazon Kindle e-short story Dragon in Distress

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by SeverinR, Nov 14, 2011.

    I bought what I thought was my first ebook for Kindle for PC.

    Dragon in distress:
    paid $.89
    I had trouble keeping it in my Kindle, it somehow disappeared after I booked marked my place.
    I read the sample and liked it. Just happened to be reading about the sword(Need) in this story in another longer book.

    Amazon does not list number of pages, so I was a little disappointed when I got to page 16 and it was done. This would be a Amazon problem not the writers problem.

    For a short story this ranked up with her other longer books, of course it moved quickly as SS tend to do.
    I would have probably bought it even knowing it was 15-18 pages, but would have been happier with it if I knew.

    The dragon in question seemed pretty weak, lost her princess and could not find her. I did like the bless/curse the princess had to deal with, it cut down drastically on the dialog.

    Happy with the author, not happy with Amazon.
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    Assigning page numbers to e-books is difficult seeing as how it depends on the font size at which you end up choosing to read it. Of course if there is a paper version out of the same book you can always look at the page count Amazon lists for it. But in the case of books that are only released in e-form you should start looking at the file size to get a rough idea.

    I just looked up Dragon in Distress on Amazon and under "Product Details" it lists its file size as 30 KB. That is a very small file for an ebook. There is no exact formula but typically every "page" takes up about 1.5 to 2.5 KB. If the book contains numerous pictures it will be skewed of course. But at least it is enough to know that if the KB size of a book is in the double didgets you are in for a short read.
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    The Kindle displays how far through the book you are as a percentage. On mine, it'll even show "page number" (frankly, an arbitrary figure when you can adjust text size, etc) if you press Menu. I'm not sure, honestly, how the end crept up on you given that.

    Given that all of the marketing on it is down to the publisher (or author if it's self-publishing) and most of your criticism seems to be aimed at the story and the fact that it wasn't clear it was a short story, I don't really see why you're:


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