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    Animation Series Pitch

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by MilesTro, Dec 14, 2007.

    I couldn't wait long. This is an Animation Bible pitch, which I want to submit to a cartoon studio. I would like to know if this concept is good or unorignal. And any possible errors to find. I haven't started on the pilot yet, because I want to make sure this concept is fine. I'm still working on the Mech Hunter script, and the synopsis to the script will be done. So what do you think of this cartoon show?


    A team of half human half dog teenagers travel around the world for an incredible adventure. Their job, is to find mysterious animals and reveal the creatures to the world.

    In a world when technology is advancing, there are monsters lurking in the wild. Monsters, which are from legends and other story tales. Some of them could be dragons, mermaids, Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, Minotaurs, werewolves, giant spiders, giant squid, centaurs, and other unknown natural creatures. All about to be discover in the history of man.

    The enemies are poachers, thugs, intelligent monsters, and a greedy business man. They only care about wealth, power, and destruction. And they will stop at nothing, until they get what they want.

    The Play Dogs genre is a mix of science fiction, comedy, action, and adventure. The series will have character driven stories and the focus on the science of cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the study hidden animals, which are not yet discover.


    The reason I think your studio should consider this show, because kids will enjoy it. It will have action pack adventures, fictional monsters, anthromorphic characters, suspense, and silly cartoon humor. Eye grabbing mystery, robots, future weapons, and some twisted plots.
    All the monsters will not be typical super natural creatures. They will just be animals, but strange animals. None of them will have magical powers. Some will be known legendary monsters like the Sphinx, Sirens, and unicorns. And some of them will be genetic engineered mutants.
    But most will be made up to expand the young viewers’ imagination. It would be boring if the monsters are just known mythical creatures. That is why I recommend made up creatures. Plus this will give the artists creative ideas to establish for this show.
    All will have scientific explanation to become believable. Plus the monsters will not come from alien planets or another dimensional world. They will all live on Earth in hidden places.
    Not all the monsters will be kept a secret. In this world, everybody finds out the monsters are real, and The Play Dogs become famous for their discoveries.
    The Play Dogs series is all about exploration and the theories of monster existence. Cryptozoology is the main theme of this show.


    The setting will be a near future modern period on Earth. There are laser weapons, robots, cyberpunk cities, and etc. Governments and cities still have their original names, but they all have new technology. Cars are electric; gasoline cars are now rare. Planes and helicopters are flying hover crafts. Robots replaced human workers in dangerous jobs.
    Computers run businesses, security, education, research, and living conditions for the people. Factories and cars releasing pollution became illegal to protect environments. That is why gasoline cars are rare. Everything runs on electricity and unlimited solar power. New inventions are still in progress to make the world a better place to live.



    He is a young dog man with a mix of cheetah and dog feature. About 5’9 and 20 years of age. Has yellow spotted fur and yellow eyes.
    He is a team leader of his friends on expedition missions. His job is to find monsters and prove their existence. He loves dangerous action pack quests, hot girls, and mostly fish tacos.
    Spinyn is a hot shot comedian. An intelligent trickster, who loves to play jokes on his enemies. He is silly, but he keeps his cool.
    He doesn’t like boring stuff and being tricked back. He will get angry if somebody else makes him look like a fool. His flaw is falling for girls and falling for his own tricks.
    Spinyn and his two friends came from a lost race of dog men people. He was raised by Dr. Wiser, who found him as a baby pup in India. Following the same dream as his human father, Spinyn wants to discover secrets in the world to make his father proud of him. As long as his father is happy, Spinyn will be happy too.


    She is a fox girl full of beauty. She is 5’7 and 18 years old. Has pink fur, and short red hair. Her eyes are ruby red.
    Lissy is a navigator type of team member. She does all the mapping directions and tells Spinyn and Tooth where to go. She is very good at keeping her team from getting lost.
    She is cute, but she has a short temper. Whenever something goes wrong or she falls for a prank, Lissy will blow up like a volcano. She can be a violent monster or a calm sweetheart.
    Lissy doesn’t like to be tricked in a humorous way, or proven to be wrong. She will lose her violent temper if she ever falls for a joke. Her biggest flaw is falling for tricks.
    As a little girl, Lissy was an orphan living in a campsite. She has no knowledge of why her parents abandon her at the human camp. By then Dr. Wiser found her and raised her with Spinyn and Tooth. Lissy wants to be the greatest navigator useful for traveling businesses. That is why she makes sure the team is in the right direction.


    He is a buff muscular dog man boxer, who wears two red boxing gloves for combat. He is 5’11, 23 years old, has brown fur, brown eyes, and a red Mohawk.
    Tooth is a brute supporter of the team. He has super strength, which he uses to fight monsters and enemies to protect the expedition. He loves fighting and showing off his strength.
    Tooth is a muscle show off, but serious to people. He likes to work out a lot to keep in shape. He always worries how strong he is to make sure he is stronger than others.
    He doesn’t like other macho men, who are stronger than him. Seeing stronger men makes him feel weak and embarrassed. If he encounters another body builder, he will try to prove he is better. Getting stronger is very important to him so he wouldn’t feel ashamed to himself. His flaw is losing his temper.
    When he was a little dog boy, Tooth was abandon by his mysterious parents in a town ruin. Dr. Wiser found him and decided to take good care of him. Tooth desires to become the strongest creature of the world. And he wants to battle monsters to prove his strength.


    Noongey is a short cat like rodent the size of a volley ball. His body is fat and round as a ball with two big feet and two short arms. And he has a long black striped tail with a ball of fluff at the end. His fur is gray.
    Spinyn found Noongey in a cave and rescued Noongey from poachers. He decided to keep Noongey as a pet, knowing Noongey likes to play tricks too.
    Noongey likes to eat a lot, play a lot, and pull tricks on people. When his companions are in danger, Noongey will figure out how to help them out. Noongey is a funny critter.


    He is an old man in his early 70’s. He is 4’3, has wrinkly peach skin, skinny body, and gray eyes. He usually wears glasses to cover his eyes.
    Dr. Wiser is head of the United Cryptozoological of America and a scientific researcher. He does expedition mission briefing to his dog men kids and study monster evidences. He has been working in the UCA for fifteen years. He is professional and was well trained in the hidden animal study fields.
    He raised Spinyn, Lissy, and Tooth as if they were his children. He knew the dog kids wouldn’t survive on their own in the wild. So he opened his heart to them as a caring father.
    Dr. Wiser is brilliant and a very kind person. He is a good get to know person to people. And he is very passionate to his research. Dr. Wiser’s goal is to save endanger species and prove the existence of all legendary creatures in the field of science.



    He is the number one enemy to Dr. Wiser and The Play Dogs. He is basically a cyborg about 6’4 and he is in his early 40’s. He has robotic arms, robotic legs, and some mechanic parts within his body. His body is muscular and he wears nice business suits of any kind he chooses. He is also handsome with a gentlemen touch.
    Mr. Victor owns a marketing company, known as Victor Corps. His company sells computer chips and genetic engineered based products. Mr. Victor’s company seems like a good business place, bit it has a dark secret.
    Mr. Victor is hiring poachers to capture wild animals for him so he can mutate the animals into mindless bio weapons. He sells his dark creations to terrorists, military, and anyone else. He wants to make a big profit of money to make his company the largest corporation in the world. He will do anything to make more money, even if it means breaking the law.
    He is a calm gentleman, who is mostly quiet to himself. When angry, he smashes stuff like crazy. Mr. Victor maybe a nice guy to people, but he is truly a selfish greedy man.


    He is a genetic engineered mutant boarder collie dog man. His age is unknown as well as his companions. He is 5’10 with an athletic muscular body, black and white fur, and blue eyes.
    Leng is Mr. Victor’s lap dog. Leng and his companions follow whatever Mr. Victor commands them to do. Leng steals important stuff, capture animals, and whatever other job he must complete without questioning. He must do the crime job or face brutal punishment.
    He is a bully and hard headed. Although Leng is smarter than his companions, he believes his only purpose is to serve his master.


    He is a fat mutant man pig with a very large stomach. He is 6’3 with peach skin and a bald head.
    Oquker is a brute among his companions. His stomach is his iron fist. He uses his stomach to slam and smash stuff. He also has super strength, which makes him the worst enemy to Tooth. His flaw is food. If he finds food during a fight, he will get distracted.
    He is a typical pig, who likes to eat a lot of junk food for himself. Even though Oquker is a dumb greedy eater, he is tough to beat.


    He is a half man half hyena mutant. He is 5’6, slender, and has gray spotted fur. He has dark eyes and sharp fangs.
    Snik is a weapon specialist. He pulls out random weapons out of nowhere and shoots like crazy.
    He doesn’t laugh a lot like a typical hyena, but he plays crude humor against his enemies. He loves weapons and has the need to shoot something.
    Snik is a hot shot type. He thinks he is cool, but he can make a lot of mistakes. He also has a secret crush on Lissy, even though she is his enemy. Snik only knows the knowledge on how to wipe out something.


    She is Chinese about 5’7, voluptuous built, white skin, fine china neck length hair, and deep set red eyes.
    Mya is a high tech mercenary poacher, who is mostly hired by Mr. Victor. She wears a robotic armor suit, while hunting animals. She hates animals, believing humans are better than animals. She wants to sell them for money for herself.
    She is wise a twisted thinker driven by megalomania. She is mad and dangerous. You don’t want to mess with her, unless you know how to fight.


    ANI-TRACKER: A prime device, which The Play Dogs use on their expeditions. It is a hand held computer made to detect or scan unknown animal readings like footprints and pieces of hair. Built with an A.I chip, it can tell if the readings are from a known animal or unknown animal.
    It is very handy and helps The Play Dogs solve the mysteries quicker. With it, it doesn’t take long to figure out the creature’s where about.
    The Ani-Tracker is the size of a game boy and it can fit into a pocket. Without it, it would be tough to find the creature. And the evidence could become in conclusive.


    THE EXPLO: A flying research lab, which is basically a hover jet. EXPLO stands short for explorer. It flies by using anti gravity boosters. Think of it like a helicopter, but without the rotors.
    The Play Dogs use it to fly to different places and save money from buying plane tickets. They analyze the clues inside the EXPLO’S lab. It has a cockpit, a lab, and an equipment room with portable beds. It can carry about ten people. It also has two defense cannons on each of its two wings.
    The EXPLO is a good transport for The Play Dogs to travel for free.


    Spinyn and his friends investigate a volcano, which is belief a giant fire lizard lives in there.

    The Play Dogs goes to an African tribal village to find a mysterious critter. An introduction of Noongey.

    While looking for the legendary Griffin in Norway, The Play Dogs encounter Leng, Oquker, and Snik. An introduction to the main enemy.

    Spinyn and his friends must find and save a lake monster, before Leng and his gang finds it.

    While searching for a giant horned polar bear in Iceland, The Play Dogs encounter a high tech mercenary poacher. An introduction of Mya.

    The Play Dogs investigate a cave where miners fear a monster is lurking.

    In Japan, The Play Dogs search for the Kappa monster, while racing against Mya and Leng’s gang.
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    Never mind this concept. I'm going to rewrite it.

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