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    Another New Face

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Stukov, Apr 20, 2013.

    Hello to everyone!

    I recently took it upon myself to get back into writing and figured that there's no better way to push yourself that little extra than joining a community dedicated to discussing it. I was Googling around for a decent forum when I happened upon this one a few days ago, so I lurked around a bit to get a feel for the place and was happy to see how friendly everyone is and the constructive discussion that goes on. There's such a huge back catalogue of old threads containing so much sagely advice to explore, that for a couple of nights now I've completely lost track of time whilst reading through them. But now's the time for my introduction I think.

    I used to write a lot, but then different aspects of life got in the way and I sort of fell off the wagon, and now it's been so long that I'm struggling to get back on. I can plot out full stories and character biographies until the cows come home, and take a great deal of joy in doing it. But when it comes to that onerous task of putting words to paper, I look back on what I've written/typed and often struggle to see the merit in it. I'm looking forward to contributing to discussions with all of you and sharing my own pieces at some stage.:)
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    Welcome :D Congratulations for going at it again! In my house we consider me writing to be "falling off the wagon" because it means I fall out of life until it's done (according to my kids anyway, heh).

    I hope you find what you need here. As to those backlogs, heh, I used to get lost there too :)
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    Hi Stukov, welcome aboard.
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    You obviously didn't read the terrorism thread lol

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    Welcome to Writing Forums, Stukov!

    I hope you find what you're looking for here, whatever your interests in writing.

    This forum aims to provide the best workshopping resources on the internet, and to that end we have a few rules which you should familiarise yourself with before you get stuck in. The main section of the site is the Writing Workshop, where members can post their writing in order to receive critique of their work.

    However, before we allow members to post their work, they must have met some basic requirements. Firstly, you must have been a member for fourteen days, and have made twenty posts on the forum overall (please note, posts in Word Games do not count towards this). This is so that members, when they post their work, have familiarised themselves with the forums and contributed to them (as well as hopefully learned something for themselves). Secondly, members must provide two constructive reviews of other people's work for each piece of their own that they wish to post. This is because we believe that the focus of workshopping should be equally upon giving reviews as receiving them, as they allow a writer to practice and improve their editing skills, which they can then apply to their own writing.

    Beyond the Writing Workshop, you will find that we have extensive forums for discussion of aspects of writing, as well as a community area for general discussion. We also run periodic short story and poetry contests, which are good for challenging yourself and expanding your skills. The requirements of the Writing Workshop don't apply to the contests, so new members are allowed (nay, encouraged!) to get stuck in and enter! We also have a growing short story club (think book club, but with short stories!), which you can find stickied in the Book Discussion forum.

    If you have any questions or problems, then the moderators (myself, Lemex and Dante Dases) should be your first port of call. Any technical problems with the site itself should be directed to Daniel, the site administrator and owner. I would recommend you have a look over the rules so that you know what to expect, and what is expected. But aside from that, I hope you enjoy your time here.


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