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    Antagonist too likeable?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Jak of Hearts, Dec 22, 2013.

    Hello everyone,

    So I am in the midst of what I think may be my first publishable project. I ran into a problem but I don't know if it is a problem really. The story is told as it follows an ensemble group of protagonists. I realized early that the antagonist wasn't really in the story until the end which made him sort of lackluster. I then incorporated small chapters so that the story follows him as well. I felt this really fleshed him/them out and added a lot of tension to the story as a whole. I like its overall effect, the problem I'm having though is that I almost feel he is too likeable.

    The villain/group is a leader with a small enterage. Together they have a goal that is sort of "End justifies the means" which is what makes them the antagonist, but overall their actions and bond I'm afraid make them too likeable and will off put the readers when it comes to the clash at the end. But I also am aware that them being likeable could create a stronger effect. Should I skew the antagonist in a way to make them more villainous? I was hoping that some of you might have opinions or experience on a subject like this, or possibly some literature in mind that also has a sympathetic antagonist that I could look at.

    I would appreciate any input you have for an inexperienced writer. Thank you.
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    Antagonists don't have to be disliked. They are simply the opposition to the protagonist. Pit the person trying to build needed housing against the environmentalist - either could be a "villain", but neither have to be. They are simply opposing each other.
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