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    Antagonist's Goal

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by AJ Winters, Dec 22, 2012.

    So basically my antagonists have undergone a medical test in which their own ailments have basically been reversed, for example:


    TELEPORTATION --> via antidote --> PARAPLEGIA

    PARAPLEGIA --> via more antidote --> FULL-BODY PARALYSIS

    (make sense?)

    Originally, my main antagonist volunteered for the experiment because he was lawyer who was frequently belittled because of his deteriorating muscle disease and, when his condition is reversed (to super strength), he intends to kill those who laughed at him and force the government to make everyone consume the antidote, so that they could know what it was like to have such conditions (the main plot of my story is the antagonists trying to get the surviving antidote off of the test creator's husband.)

    Do you think this is a good enough motivation for the main antagonist? (I've got the supporting antagonists' motivation down pat)
    Can you think of any other scenarios that might work out/appeal to you? Also, are their any other occupations that would be more fitting for the main antagonist, perhaps one where embarrassment can really ruin his position? (Not President of the USA sort of thing, cause there can't be too much publicity - he needs to be able to walk down the street without people looking twice at him sort of thing).

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    How would a drug help you teleport? A paraplegic is someone who cannot move his body from the neck down - how is the reverse of this "teleportation" - which as far as I understand teleportation to be, is when you're transported to a different physical location without the need to travel......

    Why would there be an "antidote" for a drug like this? This is a medical treatment, a positive one - it's not like the drug is a poison that needs to be reversed. You could come up with drugs meant for the side effects of the positive treatment, but I cannot understand why an antidote is needed, or why one would be created in the first place. It's like, "Well we've cured all these patients now. So let's see if we can reverse that and spend years researching how we can make our patients paralysed again!" o_O

    And yes, the motivation part is fine - humiliation, bitterness and revenge can be huge driving forces.
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    It's a good enough motivation if you can sell the reader on it being the antagonist's driving force, or one of them.

    Don't ask. Make it so.

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