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    Any Competitive Players Here?

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by T.Trian, Jan 30, 2016.

    First, currently I'm not a competitive player, but I've dipped my toe a bit with Street Fighter IV. Naturally I got my ass kicked, so here's my question(s):

    I don't really have a regular practice partner (my wife plays with me a few days a week, but since she works full-time, and I'm on a long sick leave, I have vastly more time to practice, especially since we usually opt to write instead of playing when we have joint free time), so I'm largely stuck practicing on my own.
    Now, I've practiced some combos, cancelling etc. and I can generally beat the game on the hardest difficulty setting with only 1-2 losses (generally against the final boss), but my very limited online experience has shown I'm still nowhere near good enough for competitive online play, so I'd like to hear how my betters practice? How often do you practice/how many hours per day/week? How long did it take for you to get good enough to get even borderline consistent wins online? And so on.

    I'm also interested in what games you play competitively? If you're playing fighters, who's your main and why?
    I'm also practicing Guilty Gear (with Baiken), but at least for now I'm focusing on (U)SFIV (with Sakura).

    Anyway, ladies, gentlemen, the floor is yours.

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