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    Anyone here been published on Kindle?

    Discussion in 'Electronic Publishing' started by tuttle300, Aug 29, 2010.

    Or is anyone considering it?
    While it does have the temptation of easy riches, I am here to say that that is not the case. I have had two books on Kindle since April and may this year and have sold 12 copies to date

    While thats good considering everything that is out there, it's a bit lower than i thought I would have by now.

    There is also the factor of not having to play the waiting game.
    Once your on Kindle, your work is immediately available for sale to the world.

    It's in some ways alot worse than waiting for rejection slips from paper publishers because the lack of sales alone will be a glaring indicator that your work, wasn't ready
    or that your particular genre isn't selling very well
    or that you didn't advertise enough
    well, any number of factors.

    I look forward to all your thoughts and comments.
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    It's self-publishing, with all the problems that go along with that.

    It would be different if I were to approve a book of mine published through a traditional publisher be released on Kindle. First, I would know the book is of publishable quality. Second, the marketing work would already have been done through the publisher and/or agent.

    I wish to spend my time and effort on writing, not on legal matters, marketing, advertizing, distribution, etc.
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    Jun 12, 2010
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    To be honest if just twelve people enjoy my work then I have done my job. It doesn't matter how many enjoy my writing as long as someone else does.

    I won't be considering Kindle because I find it a pain in the bum to use myself. However if my first choices of agents and publishers doesn't come to fruition I am considering on starting a website and having a paid section releasing a chapter a week or something similar.
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    Out of curiosity, did you format your manuscript for kindle yourself or hire someone, cover art? And what kind of advertising did you do? So far the only people I have seen with success at self-e publishing had some success at traditional publishing and still advertise the heck out of themselves. I have seen a few more that have had less, but respectable success who never went the traditional route but advertise like crazy. They also are on multiple e platforms, not just kindle.

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