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    APA Question

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by chancer, Oct 17, 2010.

    Hello, If I am referring to Occupational Therapy(OT) and abbreviate as such, and then I later refer in the paper from then on out as OT, I understand this is ok. But what if I want to use Occupational Therapist and abbreviate for that. Occupational therapist is also OT. So, what do I do? Also, in my paper I am using a school curriculum and listing classes in my paper. Ex, the classes from the curriculum include eating and feeding, rehabilitation, ect. Do I need to do anything special for this? Italics, ect. Or do I just list them? For the running head on all pages, for APA this is required. BUT do I actually have to put the words Running head on each page followed by the title, or just the title? Do sections of a 5 page augmentative paper needs to have headings? If I get something out of American Speech language association, and there is no author given, how do I list this in APA format on the reference page and in text citatation?
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    Don't use the same acronym for two different things in the same paper. I would probably use OT for Occupational Therapy, but stick with the full term, or just therapist where the context permits, for Occupayional Therapist.

    The actual class titles an be italicized, and in that case should use the proper capitalization rules for titles.

    For the details of APA format, use the reference material for your school. Ask your instructor if you have problems finding it. In my most recent college, our official APA reference was an edition of The Little, Brown Handbook, and there were also reference documents on the school's Intranet.

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