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    Ariman - First Chapter by Eoin Colfer

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Cogito, Dec 6, 2007.

    Good_writer, I've deleted this post. Although you did cite the author of the excerpt, the quantity of material you posted probably constitutes a copyright violation, unless you have secured permission from the author or the publisher in writing.

    Material can be quoted for the purposes of a review, among other reasons, under "fair use" provisions of copyright law, but it needs to be limited, and in the context of substantial commentary on your part,

    Please limit any such excerpts on the forum to a paragraph or two, clearly cited as to its source, and with commentary that is longer than the quoted passage.

    This does not mean you should never paste anything here verbatim from another author. What it means is that when you do: it should be to illuminate a point you are making; it should be limited to the shortest excerpt that will illuminate the point; and you must clearly identify at least the author, and preferably the the title of the piece as well.


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