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    Art and Film

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sfr, Jul 25, 2008.

    I recenlty watched the film 2046. I was impressed by the meaning Wong Kar-wai conveyed not only with words but with images as well. I was also recently struck by Rembrant's Philospher in Meditation. I would like to take some film and art classes, to better apericate both paintings and film. Do any of you have any good film reccomendations or loved pieces of art you would like to share?
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    There's a few good ones I know.

    Children of Men
    The Fountain
    Noi the Albino
    Sayat Nova
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    Wong Kar Wai is an exceptional talent, though he has his critics - who doesn't!? (Most notably those that dislike the 'style over substance' approach particularly prevalent in his earlier work - Ashes Of Time, for example, but I love that film...) 2046 is actually the third installment of a loose trilogy - The first being Days of Being Wild, and the second In The Mood For Love, so those would be at the top of my recommendations list if you have not already seen them.

    Other films (just my personal favourites, I suppose) to keep an eye out for:

    Amelie - one of the most charming films you're ever likely to see
    Anything Hal Hartley has written/directed, which includes -
    Simple Men
    Henry Fool (amongst several others)
    Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano) films, including -
    Hana-Bi (aka 'Fireworks' - awesome film)
    Violent Cop
    Boiling Point
    Jim Jarmusch films, including -
    Ghost Dog
    Dead Man
    Broken Flowers

    As for art... I am enamoured with Pre-Raphaelite art, myself. The works of Edward Robert Hughes, Sir Frank Dicksee and Sophie Anderson are particular favourites, and I have many that I adore. My all-time favourite piece, however, is The Valkyrie's Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes:


    As for modern art, I recently mentioned Yo****aka Amano (edit: o_O it got auto-edited...? lol) - who lists a collaboration with Neil Gaiman on The Sandman (Dream Hunters) and character, cover etc design for a large portion of the Final Fantasy series, as well as work for Vampire Hunter D (graphic novels as well as the anime) - amongs his credits. One of his pieces:

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    i like wong kar-wei's "chungking express" but haven't seen "2046" myself.

    i'm not clear exactly if you are looking for films that 1) cover the lives of artists; 2) have fine art for a theme; or 3) artsy or art-house films in general. maybe you could be a little more specific.

    that yosh!taka amano piece is fabulous- thanks for sharing!
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    As far as filming goes, I think a really fantastically shot film, is Lost in Translation. The shots used, especially the one at the beginning with the man in the taxi, looking up at Japan with all the signs reflected in his face, is just fantastic. I really do love how that film has been shot.

    And as far as Art goes, I don't have a clue about it really, apart from what I like and don't like. I love Edvard Munch's work, especially this painting he did of a young woman and a man, supposedly about prostitiution or something. I did a copy of it in GCSE.

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