Art of Rejection

Discussion in 'Traditional Publishing' started by EchoPark, Nov 24, 2011.

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    I agree with these posts, and Chicken Freak had some especially good points. I will add one quick thing. Get published somewhere and as often as possible. Agents are far more likely to take you seriously if you can say, "I have a manuscript, and it's really great. By the way, here is a list of my previous publishing credits."

    If others are willing to publish you, it says a few things about you:

    1. You write publishable material.
    2. An agent can take you seriously as a writer because you take yourself seriously enough to pursue publication on your own.
    3. If your publication credits are reasonably extensive, it says you're a prolific writer and not simply writing one book in hopes of getting it published and never working again.

    Everything I have read says that agents love to look for partnerships in their writers, but they have to have a reason to invest in you. Your writing is only part of that. Your "job history" is equally important.

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    keep in mind that only paid credits will impress them... don't mention freebies unless they're highly respected literary journals that at least 'pay' in copies...

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