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  1. Daniel

    Daniel I'm sure you've heard the rumors. Founder Staff Contributor

    May 14, 2006
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    Peoria, Illinois

    Article Section & Newsletter

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Daniel, Jun 20, 2013.

    As many of you may have already noticed, we now have two new features: a writing articles section and a monthly newsletter.

    Writing Articles: This section is intended to provide quality writing-related articles on a range of writing-related topics - everything from story development to editing to publishing to finding a literary agent. This section essentially acts as a writing blog. I'm confident that in a little time this writing articles section will become a huge resource for our community. I'd like to thank GoldenGhost, JBeckingham, mammamaia, peachalulu for contributing to some of our very first topics.

    The Newsletter: Recently, you likely received a newsletter from writingforums.org. This newsletter highlighted recent changes, announcements, featured blogs, and recent posts here at WF. The WF newsletter is intended to become a monthly newsletter that highlights recent happenings at WritingForums.org. All members receive this newsletter, but can unsubscribe through a link in the email. You can view the June Newsletter online here.

    Additionally, we've added a few minor improvements to site functionality. There are now lower navigational breadcrumbs at the bottom of each thread instead of just the top, as well as a "Top" button above the lower breadcrumbs. Additionally I added the social icons to the thread (in a less intrusive area this time), and, furthermore, when subscribing to a thread you can now get choose to receive an instant notification, instead of just daily or monthly.

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