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  1. Kata_Misashi

    Kata_Misashi Active Member

    Aug 12, 2015
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    Ask and my characters will tell! (character development test)

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Kata_Misashi, Aug 17, 2015.

    Me: Hello! My name is Kata Misa-

    Kata: "No. That's 'my' name. Say your real name."

    Me: "Oh... right. Yeah, just call me Mr. Constantine."

    Kyokyu: "Constantine? You mean... like, the movie?"

    Me: That's my actual last name! You should know that! I created you!

    Kyokyu: "Oh... right."

    K': "As 'interesting' as this is; can you just get on with it? You mortals and your constant babbling."

    Me: "Right, right, right. Anyway, as I was saying. This thread is a way for me to expand how my characters interact and even flesh their personality a bit more then what I have now. Feel free to ask anything to either one of my characters.

    Kata: "Creator. As interesting as a concept this is; shouldn't you tell the people reading this who we are at least? How can they ask questions to people they don't even know?

    Me: "Ahh, right you are Kata. How about you start it off and-"

    Xiana: "Oh No You Don't! Trying to forget to add me to this! I outta'-"

    Kata: "Oh hey Xiana."

    Me: "Xiana, calm down. Fine, you can start.

    Xiana: *chuckles* "Gladly!" *clears her throat* "Hey there, forum people! I'm Xiana! A butt-kicking toucan chick who can roll with the best of them! Haha!"

    Me, Kata, K', Kyokyu: "..."

    Xiana: "...what?"

    Me: "Anyway..."

    Kata: "Right. I'm Kata Misashi. An arctic fox trained in the art of the shinobi. It will be a pleasure answering your questions."

    K': "..."

    Me: "...uhh, K'. Your up."

    K': "..."

    Me: "Uhh... K'?"

    K': *scoff* "I'm called K'. I am a fox akuma. Kata and I are..."

    Me: "Ahh! That's good, K'. Let everyone else keep guessing."

    K': *grumbles*

    Kyokyu: "Now that Grumpy-Mc-Demon-son is done; Yo! Kyokyu the Lizard Batter, at your service flesh bags! I more into eating humans then talking with them so be lucky your through a screen, comprende?

    Me: "There are many other characters I'll introduce down the line, but for now enjoy and hope that you all participate! This Mr. Constantine. Talk to you soon.
  2. Link the Writer

    Link the Writer Flipping Out For A Good Story. Contributor

    Sep 24, 2009
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    Alabama, USA
    Interesting concept. :D

    Me: Um, hello. I did have a idea for you all if you don't mind. How would you all feel if each poster had their characters talk to you? This way we can all develop each other's characters and have fun in the process.*

    *Some clarification. Each poster has his/her characters talk to your characters and your characters can answer back/ask questions of their own to that poster's character.

    Here's an example:

    Mishu Jerni: Wait, you all are beastfolk who can fight? I know a cat-boy who fights with his fists and teeth. :D He's from what you'd call a 'proud warrior race', but he doesn't like that name. So. . .what are you all doing together?

    Akeshia Valmorn: I'm more worried about Kyoku over there. . . Is. . .eating humans customary where you're from? Because it's not where we're from. It's a taboo, a crime against our gods. Even our beastfolk wouldn't eat each other.

    Mishu Jerni: Oh, and welcome to the forums, Mr. Consta- *frowns* Sorry, sorry your name sounds unfamiliar in our language. What is it? Consta-tyne??

    Akeshia Valmorn: I believe it's 'Constantine'. Interesting name. Is it the capital of your country?

    Me: OK, we're getting off track here. Let the others have their turn, all right? We can introduce more of our characters later if we so wish, but this is for everyone, not just two people.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
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  3. Kata_Misashi

    Kata_Misashi Active Member

    Aug 12, 2015
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    Me: Heya, Link! That sounds like a cool idea! If this thread can help others develop there characters as well then by all means! I'm glad I can help!

    Kata: The people of this group are an interesting bunch. I am a person who respects others way of life but compared to everyone else... I'm the odd man out. As for the story that depends. I myself actually don't really know too much of Kyokyu or Xiana. K' however... *sigh* ...I know 'too' well.

    Kyokyu: Ooo~ Scary ninja-boy.

    Kata: "..."

    Kyokyu: Whatever. These guys are cool and all; you know when Xiana and I aren't trying to kill each other. That demon fox guy doesn't talk a lot and is always scowling. Kinda pisses me off. And the ninja dude, talks as if he's better then us or something. I don't know. I kinda just want to hit them all in the face with my bat. Anyway, the story between me and Xiana is an interesting one. All I'm really doing is what I need to for my family. So what if its 'against the law' as they say. I do what I have to. I guess Xiana does too. *shrug*
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
  4. Kata_Misashi

    Kata_Misashi Active Member

    Aug 12, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Xiana: "Yes'sir!" *throws a combo of punches* "Fighting is in my blood."

    Hiro: "I thought it was 'medicine', Xiana?" *chuckling*

    Xiana: "Gahh! Hiro, when did you get here?"

    Hiro: "Don't ask me. The 'creator' dropped me in here. I guess I'm here to answer questions as well."

    Me: "That's right, Hiro. So preen them feathers and smile for the camera!"

    Hiro: "But... this is a foru-"

    Me: "Anyway! Thank you for your greetings, Mishu. And I'm afraid not, Akeshia. Its just my last my mother gave to me. Where she got it from, I still don't know."

    Kyokyu: "Heehe. As I said before, I do what is needed for my family to survive. You can relax. Humans don't usual travel to where our kind lives. They... 'know better'."

    Kata: "As for what we are all doing together is basically what our 'creator' said: To answer your questions. Normally we would not be so... 'well'... peaceful if the situation was anything else other then this."

    Xiana: "He's right. Kyokyu over there is a criminal who on any other day; I'd kick his ass. But right, its a cease fire till stated otherwise."

    Me: "Couldn't have said it any better, guys. But now I'm curious of your group. May I ask, who are you two?"

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