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    Atmosphere Awards!

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Ziggy., Jun 22, 2014.

    Atmosphere Awards is a simple concept, which I don't think I created -because anybody can write to music- and what I do think is a great sort of prompt. Writing to me comes in the form of inspiration in many instances; reading, situations, conversations, and one of the biggest tools in my arsenal of creativity which seems constant: Music.

    Music is one of the most powerful inspirational mediums and I think it's a tool that most writers will admit they use.

    Atmosphere Awards involves a chosen song which is placed into the post. It can be any song, anything at all with some form of melody at least. The AAs begin with me posting the first song, and then each writer is given a one thousand word limit to write a story which has been inspired by the music. Come weekly, we all vote for the most innovative, and enjoyable piece, and whoever wrote it picks the next song! It's a great game.

    Awards are simply shown by having the winner placed at the top of the original post, which stays there until they are overthrown -or not- from the top. The first song I'll pick is below!

    Stories can be over 1,000 words if you wish them to be. Whoever wants to play must agree on a decent judging time within the week.

    Anyway, I hope to see some cool fables.

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    This is a very interesting concept, but I feel like it would garner more attention if the writers could choose which song to base their story off.

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