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    Authentic communication

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Roger Blingham, Aug 16, 2015.

    I have a difficulty associated with the word flow or communication. It is about authentic communication happening between two of us, irrespective of how many people read this.

    I know I have an uphill task in explaining the difficulty. However, it is a good idea to make an effort. It does not matter whether the attempt fails or succeeds. Some movement somewhere is bound to happen.

    Till now, you have been told that the communication happens between two minds by establishing a medium for transferring the information. Normally, distorted partial information is conveyed to the receiving end. Major portion of the information is never reaches the other end. As my research indicates, there are two reasons for this. First reason is that the information to be transferred is encapsulated in a form that is compatible with the medium where it loses the strength. The second being the two minds at both the ends of the communication channel working at two different levels. However, in general, faults are never accepted by the respective minds and they find excuses in the information or channel.

    Like all other minds, including mine, your mind is an expert in constructing models and in fact your entire world is simply a model inside your mind. Hence, we will need a model to understand what is going on because you are using your mind to understand what is being put across to you.

    Here is a bare bone model of what really is happening.

    You as a mind take all information coming in front you and construct a model out of the information. Then your mind will try to match the constructed model with the model already built with your life experience which can also be called as your belief system. This in effect is an attempt to absorb the incoming model as new learning aka experience. If the incoming model is conforming with the belief system, then it will pass the information to the feeling system else it will reject the information totally. The rejection often leads to conflicts. The feeling system evaluates the information and proceeds to incorporate it into the belief system thereby changing the mental model which results in learning. If partial incompatibilities are noticed at the feeling system level, they will be discarded.

    Using this model let me explain what I really want to convey.

    Actually, if I can achieve the communication through non verbal means such as direct transfer of feelings where models are not involved, you perhaps can understand and experience it in proper sense without judging, caveat being your feeling system bypassing the belief system. When I am forced to pass the information through the use articles or books or audio-visual means, I will be restricted to use words or images as the only communication medium. What I am putting across to you are the feelings originating beyond my belief system filtered and contaminated through my belief system which flows out as words and sketches. If you understand it properly, I am attempting to pass on my feelings through the medium of words and images making an attempt to reach your feeling system for achieving proper communication. The reverse does happen when you read. The words and images reach your belief system and get filtered there. At this point two things happen. One of the things being your belief system finds it alien to itself and rejects the whole thing as trash. If this happens I have no way of communicating with you further or we may have a conflict on hand. Other thing being your belief system finds it as something new and let it pass into feeling system. Still, it will say ‘I do not understand what is coming in’. If the feeling system gets interested it can lead you to some experience which you cannot describe using words. Only thing you can do is to feel it and pass it back to belief system. The belief system still may find the information as useless and discard it totally. On the other hand if the feeling system finds it useful, it can result in changing the belief system itself. Ah..that is life changing experience for better or worse.

    Does the result matter?

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