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    Baen's Bar: The Universe Annex

    Discussion in 'Publishing' started by GoldenGhost, Feb 5, 2013.

    Is anyone familiar with the Grantville Gazette's online workshop/submission process, put on and ran by Baen Books?

    Apparently, you submit your story in one thread, open another thread for comments, and people critique your work, later allowing you to post revisions. The editors monitor the comments, and may even critique themselves. If they eventually like a version of a piece, you are notified, asked to submit the latest version, and thus begins the publication contract phase. The website also says it allows for the withdrawal of submissions in case they are accepted elsewhere, or in case you would like to take it off the forum.

    Do any SFic writers out there have any experience regarding this website and its process? I'm very curious about it, and would not mind submitting one of my stories there. Not with the hopes of publication, but for entering in a work-shop environment and, maybe, seeing what an actual editor has to say about not only my piece, but others too.

    It just seems weird and complicated, and I don't exactly understand how you a can submit something on a forum, and have it not be 'self-published,' while also retaining the ability to safely withdrawal, so you can submit to other markets.

    Their FAQ says it's possible to withdrawal, but does not state how you would do so exactly. I guess you can delete the thread after you've made a formal announcement of removing the piece?

    The website is recognized by SFWA, and is a professionally paying market.

    ANY and ALL information is welcomed. I appreciate it.

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