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    Beginning of the plot process

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by w176, Feb 20, 2011.


    I wounder how you when you standing in the doorway, on the verge of taking the first step into writing the story. When you feel you just got a vague sense of direction, but don't really know neither the goal or the journey yet.

    How do you begin to craft the story then?


    Personally I tend to think a lot, and mind map, and write down random words and phrases.

    At the same times I'm writing scenes, or mini scenes, or just the characters world about the situation at the start of the story. Text I don't have any real intension to be apart of the book, but i just write as a try to find shape, direction and tone.
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    I sometimes do a scrapbook of images I think would work in the story - build up visuals I like. Maybe find actors that look like the characters. I basically work out what my story looks like.

    Then I just write - I work hard until I have the beginning just right. Then go from there.
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    I make a plan on paper with a pen, usings diagrams, timelines, arrows pointing to what leads to what, etc. Then I talk about the idea with other writer friends to see if anyone has a new perspective to add; plus, talking about things out loud helps me to flesh them out better. Then I make a list of scenes. Then I write.

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