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    BEWARE: PM Spam / Scamming

    Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cogito, May 23, 2010.

    Recently we have been attacked by spammers who send their garbage through the private message system. These are fraudulent messages sent by malevolent internet pests. For your own safety, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS OR BUTTONS THAT MAY BE CONTAINED IN THESE MESSAGES.

    Many of these seem to be taking the form of fraudulent alerts that you have a virus on your computer, and suggesting following a site link for a "remedy".

    If you or anyone else receives such a message, and the originator has not yet been banned, use the Report option at the right end of the header bar at the top of the message.

    The moderators will receive a notification and we will ban the spammer as soon as possible.

    NOTE: No authorized forum administrator or moderator has a user name containing words like Moderator, Admin, ForumTeam, or similar. These names have been chosento deceive members into believing the have received a legitimate forum communication. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

    The members of the real administrator/moderator team members can be found by clicking on the View Forum Leaders link at the bottom of the forum home page.
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