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  1. Brandogg12

    Brandogg12 Active Member

    May 22, 2011
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    Black and White (Utopian RPG)

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Brandogg12, Dec 27, 2011.

    Even if I could make change at the snap of a finger, the pain of what I have done would still linger~- Michael Thorn

    Note: The opinions, views, and characters used in this story are fictitious of course, and any references to other works are a coincidence.
    Note: Excuse any grammar or punctuation errors.

    Story: In a nation of propaganda, slogans, and socialism, little is under the control of those who must do the jobs that are seemingly forced upon them when they become of age to sustain the non-capitalistic enterprise of the almighty upper class. No one is unique aside from the distinct number on their wrist and on the off chance that a demeanor is seen as odd the one who is unfortunate enough to have it is incarcerated and eventually removed from the network- their number then being recycled and reused. No one asks questions for it would be unwise to undermine the all-powerful rule of the one known as the Black.
    Blacks face is distinct and is subtly implemented in every aspect of the life of an average Joe. From supermarket advertisements, to vehicle registrations,and to the textbooks that a child reads; Black is everywhere. It’s (not his or hers) face is not exact and can be viewed as the face of many men and women; it is an androgynous figurehead that is used by the highest in the hierarchy to keep order and regulate the laws and policies that are used to keep order and prevent chaos. The purpose of such an undistinguishable figurehead is to entice denizens into believing that they have a voice in the way they are lead, but this is untrue. Their voice is but an echo off a mountaintop. Yet, enough voices can cause an avalanche and it only takes a handful to start a revolution and bring an empire to its knees.

    The Game : 1. In this game the player must collaborate with other players to work against (or with) the government to make changes to society. It is strongly tied in with ethics and morals with a bit of intrigue, action, and politics to go along with it. With leaders who demolish the past and pave the road to a certain history with no individuality and little margin of error; everything is to be perfect and bland, but is often far from being so. Selective breeding is in place; forced occupations, biases against class and ethnicity, planned meals, a state-sponsored religion that must be adopted by all, and of course the unavoidable all-knowing Black who looms on the spirits of all making freedom a thing of the past and forgotten in the future. Everyone who is unfortunate enough to be in a class below the top half percent is in fetters and they mean nothing- they must do as they are told.

    2. Takes place in the distant future with nations must similar to ours but much more unified. For easy reference, the nation we will all live in will be called Darlude. The cities and towns we know now would be unrecognizable and as a result we as the players must make the place in which we live and we have the ability to shape it.

    3. We are all about lower to middle class and we work jobs that are seemingly futile.

    4. We are all being watched, or at least have the feeling that we are being watched and anything that is suspicious would be viewed as treacherous and the consequences are often dire.

    5. We are going to be writing in the third person perspective for the most part and are (for the most part) writing a story together as opposed to playing a goal based game. I, as the GM, will write the big posts to steer the game in a certain direction and to place objectives- then the players must think of ways and work together to overcome the goals and to make changes to the lives of their characters which are otherwise inconceivably bad and unfortunate.

    6. The story and the background will make more sense once we begin.

    1. No god modding
    2. No controlling others characters without their consent
    3. There are no powers or handicaps; we are all average humans in this game
    4. Edit before posting and use proper grammar and punctuation
    5. No super long posts: Consider 150-300 words
    6. Creating npcs is okay, but don’t make too many and make sure we all know who they are
    7. Black (the character I mentioned prior) is to be controlled by the GM. (this will be explained more later)
    8. I will be looking for a CO-GM on this one; if you are genuinely interested let me know when you send your character template.
    9. Do your best to make your posts intelligent and provocative
    10. Have fun :)

    Character Template:
    Appearance: (Appearances are distinct, but the goal of Black is to make people look as similar as possible)
    Wrist Number: (Everyone has a number on their wrist and it is 5 digits long. People often call each other by these numbers instead of their names.
    Short Bio/Other information:

    Private Message me your BIOS:

    I will make a bio for the character I will be playing as which can be used as an example.
    Name: Michael Thorn
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Michael is short and wiry with brown eyes and jet-black hair. He ungracefully and remorsefully wears the clothes that are forced upon him, which (for his profession) is a black pullover shirt and dark slacks. His loafers never did fit him right but he dare not complain.
    Wrist Number: 13785
    Likes/ Dislikes: Likes: Quiet, darkness, running, and making a difference. Dislikes: Black,anyone who respects Black, and pickles.
    Profession:Slogan Novelist/Poet
    Other Information: Michael was recognized for his unnatural ability to string words together and to make people see things as he does through his writing. He was educated thoroughly in a prestigious school solely bent on creating writers who would spread the word and confirm the rule of Black and the upper class. Ever since he graduated the school he has been miserably good at his job and he fears he is making changes for the worse. He hopes to change things one day; he just needs to find others who are willing.
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    losthawken Author J. Aurel Guay Role Play Moderator Contributor

    May 5, 2009
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  3. losthawken

    losthawken Author J. Aurel Guay Role Play Moderator Contributor

    May 5, 2009
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