Which book would you most want to read?

  1. Some Are Born Great

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  2. Safari

  3. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

  4. Aryan

  5. Broken

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  1. Cassandra Harley

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    Book Ideas

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Cassandra Harley, Nov 2, 2016.

    Can you please help me by telling me which book you would most want to read. Thank you so much, Cassandra.

    Some Are Born Great

    Lissy's life is a mess, her father killed himself, her mother's been declared insane. On her sixteenth birthday, she will be revealed to the nation of Roysland as Princess Felicia, but first she must contend with a mysterious love letter and a guy who has it in for her. Life as she knows it is about to disappear. (Read the first 11 chapters on my Booksie page https://www.booksie.com/posting/cassandraharley/some-are-born-great-321961 for more of an idea- however most of this will be rewritten as I wrote it 3/4 years ago)


    When April Jarvis goes to her great aunt's lodge in Kenya, she isn't sure what to expect. There, she meets a whole host of people from all over the world. There's Faith, her eccentric great aunt who is stuck in the past, Thomas, the gorgeous waiter and the ever-changing whirl of guests with their colourful stories. Based on real life, a novel full of vibrant characters and incredible scenery set over three weeks of a scorching African summer.

    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

    Caro Hammond killed a man and his brother wants revenge. She is now locked in his basement, waiting to die but she will do anything she can to save herself. This story tells how she got there, the people she left behind. There is a soundtrack for this, where music suggestions will be incorporated into the story for an immersive experience.


    1936 Munich, Germany. When 18-year-old Anneliese Gehl meets charming SS recruit Georg Burgenheimer and falls pregnant, her life will never be the same. Liese enters a Lebensborn home, a place where unmarried Aryan mothers can go to give birth and give their child up for adoption. She discovers the dark truth behind these organisations and it changes her views on the Third Reich. Written in letters to her unborn child, this is a story of love in all its forms and the secrets of the Lebensborn programme. (Read the first chapter on my Booksie page https://www.booksie.com/posting/cassandraharley/aryan-322041 )


    Louisa, Ruth and Abby are three very different women who have one thing in common: they all have a condition that makes it impossible to have sex. This is the story of how their pasts have affected their presents and their futures and how they and their relationships will cope with this condition.
  2. izzybot

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    Jun 3, 2015
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    SC, USA
    You realize this is the kind of thing that's so up to taste that you're not really going to get any valuable information from it, right? If you're trying to decide what to work on or something, just go with your own favorite.
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