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    Book Recommendation

    Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by Sylvia Rosemond, Oct 19, 2015.

    Greetings All, hopefully someone can help me in my search.

    I'm a HUGE spy fan, however, I want to give that a break and try something new.

    I've come up with some criteria, and hopefully your recommendations can meet them.

    If You Select Sci-fi or Fantasy, the book must be a series.

    Choose one of the categories and then recommend a book.

    If you recommend:

    Fantasy: I don't want the generic medieval/Tolkien rip-off. No Elves, Dwarves or Castles. I want something original, and more mature orientated. No YA, and no fantasy set in modern day.

    Science-fiction: No military SF. I get enough of the bad-ass solider kicking ass from BSG, Stargate/Trek etc. I've tried to read The Lost Fleet but just couldn't bring myself to finish it. It's nothing against the author but the main character type is repetitive . No time travel either. I'm leaning toward space opera, and I know it's hard to find SO that isn't also military.

    Thriller: I'm looking for the average person caught in a conspiracy type thriller. Right now, I'm eyeing The Girl on the Train, and seriously considering the purchase. Any other of those types of novels is great.
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    Try the Xanth Series and Bio of a Space Tyrant series by Piers Anthony.

    Maybe you need to shake things up and try some Erotica or something.
    Ya know breakout into something new. :p
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    Well as far as Fantasy goes I recently Read Throne of Glass which was fairly good. There are five books to the series. The story centers around an assasin and it develops pretty well I guess. It's pace is a bit slow considering the overall general plot will develop throughout the series, but it was pretty good. You could also try the Red Queen books? I haven't read them myself but I am interested in them so I'll share that bit.

    For Sci-Fi I can't say much and I know you said no military but you should really consider Star Wars: Lost Stars, if you like Star Wars. I feel a bit embarrassed to say it lol but it is one of my favorite novels. It's amazing. Look that up, trust me.

    Thriller I guess I can tell you to try some Edgar Allan Poe and/or Arthur Conan Doyle. I do realize maybe it isn't what you're looking for but Mystery is a nice choice. But anyway, try monster classics like Bram Stoker's Dracula or Frankenstein's monster.

    Hope I could help :)


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